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Official Certifications

Some industrial segments we are working for, claim to comply more and more with very rigorous standards regarding manufacturing processes, products and/or to be able to demonstrate that the function for which the door has been made has been tested by an official laboratory.

Our facilities and manufacturing processes as well as our products for special applications have received official certificates to be able to commercialise them.

Certificates are available on specific demand.

Quality policy

The Management considers that the Quality Management is key for the future of Tané Hermetic and for its excellence. In this sense, the Management is committed to the following points:


• Implement the Quality Management System in accordance with what is defined in the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, and continuously improve its efficiency by providing the necessary resources.


• Continue to be leaders and leaders in innovation, setting a benchmark in our sector.


• Market, manufacture and sell high quality technical products.


• Offer products and services of the highest quality so that they meet the expectations generated by both our customers and stakeholders, as well as the established requirements, and be valued for this fact.


• Work with an open, positive, creative, and decisive attitude in the development of the tasks and processes that are carried out in the company.


• Involve staff as the person directly responsible for Quality Management in the development of their tasks, with special emphasis on their self-control.


• Have a motivated, trained, competent, satisfied work team with clear responsibilities for carrying out their tasks and as a basis for Quality, Management and Continuous Improvement.


• Establish objectives and indicators that increase the efficiency of the processes and activities that add value to the Management System and serve to meet the objectives efficiently.


• Communicate and disseminate this policy among the company’s staff, so that they understand and follow it.


• Periodically review the Quality Management system, with the commitment to ensure the correct and effective development, continuous improvement, and its adaptation to new applicable requirements.


To achieve all these points, the organization must make the technical and human resources profitable to be more competitive, this must allow us to take on new investments in order to continue at the forefront. In this sense, the company wants to achieve a solid and harmonious growth that guarantees maximum jobs.


It must be borne in mind that the customer is the basis and is the one who gives meaning to our activity.
For this reason, our goal is to achieve Customer Satisfaction.


                                                                 The Management



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